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The Roma (Romani) History: A Overview 997 -2000 Taschenbuch – 15. Juni 2020

Stigmatization of a Minority– Is it real?The racism scholar Mark Terkessidis reports the following incident in the preface of his book Psychologie des Rassismus [The Psychology of Racism] (Terkessidis, Mark: Psychologie des Rassismus. Opladen/Wiesbaden 1998, p. 9.): „Some time ago, somebody suddenly rang at my door bell around noon. I heard a female voice over the intercom. Since her German was quite insufficient, I at first was unable to find out what was the matter. Then it occurred to me that she had to be a Gypsy woman wanting to sell me some junk. I was in a hurry and did not want to either talk to her, nor open the door. Yet, I still asked her again what she wanted. Now she talked less upset and I understood that she was supposed to deliver food to the office on the first floor but had not reached anyone there. She therefore had asked me to let her in, so she could leave the food upstairs. My prejudices embarrassed me and I opened the door.” Where do such prejudices stem from? Are we born with them? What do I need them for? These are questions not easily answered, yet also questions which have left marks in all of human history. Is it the colour of their skin or their music? The mainstream of society calls them Gypsies, yet they call themselves Sinti or Roma. There is a large number of clichés about this people, but who actually knows details about their lives, their selves, in short, about their culture? Neither nonfiction books nor encyclopaedias can give you any precise answers. Instead, published descriptions of this people’s origins are most often superficial, lack details, contradict each other, and are mixed with prejudices. The Holocaust was a devastating catastrophe for the Roma and Sinti. Yet, this tragedy is almost forgotten by others, since the media limited their coverage to Jewish suffering. This insensibility and oblivion in a society is symbolic for the hardships the Roma and Sinti have had to endure. One cannot even sufficiently describe the suffering they must have gone through in words or pictures.Discrimination against this people has not only existed for centuries; it is still prevalent today. No one is born with prejudices, yet most individuals never reflect on them rationally. Hannah Vogt criticizes the increasing number of emotional acts and stigmatizations in most peoples’ behaviour, especially when there is no cause for them. They exhibit a certain disposition in their character, which can be ignored but never abandoned. Discrimination is manifest on all levels of society, from household to politics and legislation. Without serious attempts to educate others it is impossible to make people understand the community and cultural identity of the Roma and Sinti. They are a part of our society and therefore, a part of our democracy.

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  • Herausgeber ‏ : ‎ Independently published (15. Juni 2020)
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E Romani Historija Romanes: Jekh dikipe kathar o 997 – 2000 Taschenbuch – 15. Juni 2020

Stigmatizacija jekhe minoritateako – Si chaches?O sichiardo savo rodelas pala rasismo, o Mark Terkessidis, phenel kado pe angluni rig leske lileski “Psyhologie des Rassismus” (Terkessidis, Mark: Psyhologie des Rassismus Opladen/Wiesbaden 1998, p.9.):„Na but vrama maj anglal, varekon akhardas ke muro vudar kade kal deshuduj chasuri. Shundem jekh dzuvlikano glaso pa intercom. Sar voj chi vorbilas mishto niamciska, me chi birisardem te xacharav pa soste dzal. Thaj pala kodo deman gindo ke voj romni si, thaj adzukerel te bikinel mange varesavo gunoj. Man sighiaravas thaj chi lasa chi kamlem te dav duma vaj te putrav o udar. Pushlem lan inke jekh var so voj kamel. Akana das duma na kade xoliariko sar e angluni data, thaj me xachardem ke voj sas ingiarel manro/xabe ande jekh ofiso/biuro ko andluno kato/etadzo ale chi reslas khanikas kothe. Anda kodo pushlas man te mukhav lan andre, thaj kade te mukhel o xabe opre. Mure nachache ginduri kerde man te ladzav thaj puterdem lake o vudar.“ Kathar kasave ginduri aven? Arakhas amen lenca? Pe soste trebul amen? Kadala si puchimata kaj nashti kade lokhes te des parpale, thaj kadala puchimata achile inke ande manushikani historija. Si e farba lenge morchiaki vaj lengi muzika? E maj but anda manusha akharel len Gypsie”, ale von akharen pes Sinti vaj Roma. Si but historii pala kadala manusha, ale kon eksaktno dzanel pa lengo trajo, pa lende, thaj xarnes, pa lengi kultura? Thaj chi e rpdimatenge lila vaj e enciclopedie chi birin te den precisno parpale. Ando than kadalesko, e lila kaj den duma pa e origini badale manushenge si maj buti var superficilano/ feri opral phenen, naj detaliichno, jekh phenel varesar e aver aver varesar, thaj xamime nachache gindonca. O Holokaust sas jekh katastrofa anda e Roma thaj Sinturi. Kado baro bilachipe si prave bisterdo e averendar, sar e media phenel feri pa Dzidovuri. Kado insensibiliteto thaj bisteripe si simbolichno e Romene thaj e Sintonie sar von sas but nasulipe thaj pharipe te nakhaven. Verekon chi biril dosta te phenel ande vorbi vaj ande slike/fotki kodo anda soste von sas te nakhen. E diskriminacija lontra kadale manushenge chi sas feri de shela bershenge, voj si ferikaj ages. E manusha chi arakhen pes e nachache gindonca, thaj e individualuri shoha chi gindin racionalno pa lende. E Hannah Vogt si kontra e stigatizaciaki kaj si ke maj but thaj maj but manusha, thaj specialno kana naj chi soski kauza kodoleske. Von sikaven varesavi dispozicija ande lengo kharaktero, savi shaj te avel ignorime aba shoha mukhli. E diskriminacija si ke niveluri e societateako, katar o kherutnipen dzi ke politica thaj legislacija/zakono. Kana chi zumavela pes te sichiaren pes e e aver manusha naj shajpe te keren e manushen te xacharen o komuniteto thaj o kulturalno indentiteto e Romengo thaj e Sintongo. Von si rig anda amro societeto thaj rig anda amari demokracija.

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  • Herausgeber ‏ : ‎ Independently published (15. Juni 2020)
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Antiziganism Studies: What does Antiziganism mean? Proposal of a Scientific Definition from Different European Viewpoints: Texts from Prof. Dr. W. … D. Knudsen “The Evil Reality of Antiziganism” Taschenbuch – 24. Juni 2020

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